January 4, 2010


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Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out ( 2 January 2010 )
A Summary Point of view from Me !!
Fazyl Ezian

1 January 2010 ( 10:00 am ) Travel from Ipoh to KL ( with my “busuk” & “Monkey” ) of course Daddy as Driver and Mommy as "human GPS Navigator"

1 January 2010 ( 1.00 pm ) - Arrived at Mak Uda House in Sentul.. so happy to see Nenek

Activity : Eat / Play / Nap / Milk milk / Play / Makan / Play / Sleep .zzz .. I dream of Superboy !!

2 January 2010 ( 8.00 am ) - mandi / poo pooh / milk milk / change smart cloth .. nenek praise me cantik

(9.00 am ) - Wave Bye bye to Nenek, Mak Uda only ... the rest of the family & cousin still sound asleep.

( 9.15 am ) Daddy drive according to the "Mommy Human GPS Navigator" instruction following the google map direction. Daddy really want to consider to get a real GPS as this unit sometime shout and can argue one :P ..

Amazingly the google map instrution took us less than 20 minutes to reach our destination ...

1 Utama

( 9.40 am ) Reach 1 Utama.. Still close .. Manage to finish my milk in time. Daddy say I look “ cantik” wearing the hat so I decide to keep in on today. Mommy & daddy search for the location which I dunno where we’re heading

( 9.50 am ) The 1 Utama a bit mazy... But Daddy manage to get the from the information hub.

( 9.55 am ) Reach the place.. see people appearing. Manage to post at the cardboard maskot.

( 9:58am ) Uncle Ming ( Etern Photography ) arrived and become my personal photographer for the day....

"wah like hotel one, need to check in"

(9.58am ) Mommy line up for the registeration .. that usually my mommy duty lo .. to go to counter ask question while daddy & me wait..

"Why mommy so long one .. ( look at my frusted face ) I want to go inside already.. I see FUN inside"

( 10.02am ) Get new T-Shirt but very big. I’m a 1 year 3 months old boy wearing a L size t-shirt.Got Big sticker on the shirt too.. mom & daddy also got ... I got an extra orange sticker

( 10:06 am ) Posing & take photo at the BIG sign Board..

"mommy are we finish posing... i want to play"

( 10:13 am ) Parked my "OLD RUSTY CAR" ..

"daddy when can i get new car .. other friends one look so canggih"

We need to open shoe & wear sock before entering the play area … TIME to PLAY !!

( 10: 15 am ) So excited to explore new place & new toys .. meet so many new friends ... Running here & there while mommy & daddy take turn to chase after me.

Mommy busy snapping photo of me & the event

While having fun, i am forced to gather around and listen to the Marcus "ko ko" short briefing of the event and welcome speech by Dutch Lady & Nuffnang representative

….. blah blah blah .. i'm scratching my head trying to figure what they are saying .. all i want is ride at the big slide ... or that red pony or that swing... again.

( 11.00 am ) Kids under 3 years old can go inside GYM room 1 for some singing & dancing

this lady teaches us to sing the woogy boogy song

"put your left hand in ... put your leg leg out .. oh i'm confused "

& bubble time … look at those big round bubbles .. ohhh POOP !! POOP !! POOP !!!

And I enjoy the Gym so much.. uhh climbing rolling hahahha ..s o FUN

Next room is the Talk by special guest .. Mommy want to go but I don’t approve . So mommy have to stick with us lo. Tried my hand on the sand art but arent the sand suppose on the floor hehehe ... so mommy decide that we play something else

Aiikk ..my "monkey" relative also hanging around here woh !!

( 12: 15 pm ) My little tummy grumbles tell me it’s time to MAKAN !! So happen it’s my favourite food – Spagethi in tomato chicken sauce and hot dog.. bread .. fruits salad .. cake & drink .ook at the hungry faces

Finish Makan .. continue to play. Go for the big slide ride with uncle Ming .. Mommy say I’m too small to go alone.

Play at the swing .. weee weee..

and play at the pool of ball & daddy also so temted to play ( 1 leg in aledy )

My level of energy still full

Some of my moves" . Mommy says that i can join the "So U think u can dance" competition de..

(1:00 pm) Sit down for some magic show & dancing completion .. haha .. see how i moves … voted by the audiance ... I’m the best dancer !! "

(1:15pm While wait for the magic show to start, refresh with the delicious Frisco Milk Milk .. Yummy )

Magic show by Hafidz .. seems to put some magic on me .. my eyes so tired now .. hardly open anymore

Annoucing the winner .. I fall asleep throught the announcing .. congratulation to the winners …all i heard mommy.. mommy ... mmmmoommy.. clap ... clap ... clap

I did ask Mommy "why we are not going to disneyland too ?" Mommy say I’m still small .. no point going to Disneyland this year .. Hope next I’m older can go who !!

Cross my fingers & hope that my DREAM will COME TRUE ….

(3:oo pm) So nice I can get a nap with my new pillow.

Before going back .. every one received a goody bag .. I finished the Free 1 tin of Frisco Gold Milk before mommy finish this blog.. haha

Thanks to Nuffnang & Dutch Lady .. We enjoy the day so much !! A simple word from me … FUN !!


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